Unlawful Slaughter of Lambs

As many of you may be aware there has been an ongoing and very worrying issue on the unlawful slaughter of lambs. I have been raising the issue with local Councillors, the Police and Crime Commissioner, Northamptonshire Police, and the then Secretary of State for Department for Environment, Food

Crime Levels

Crime has a large impact on a national level for the UK, yet also on a local level for Daventry and its surrounding areas. I have always had a deep concern in relation to the prevalence of crime and its devastating effect.

Unauthorised Encampments

A primary concern of mine revolves around the issue of unauthorised encampments. Over recent weeks and months this problem has increasingly occurred in and around Daventry.

Additional Needs Assessments in Northamptonshire

I have received a lot of concerning correspondence from constituents surrounding the use of educational psychologists in additional needs assessments. The current situation is unacceptable as many children across Northamptonshire are unable to get an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Assessment.

Local Bus Services

The issue of buses in my constituency and more broadly in Northamptonshire has been a troubling one for some time.

The Environment

In the UK, Daventry and its surrounding area, there are many areas of outstanding natural beauty to be enjoyed and handed down safely to future generations.

In line with the Government’s 25 year plan, I have been working on a number of policies to improve our local environment.

Wind Energy/Planning

Working to cut subsidies for wind farms and limit onshore wind farms are one of Chris' main policy focuses. He has made numerous speeches in Parliament on the topic and organized a letter to the Prime Minister signed by over 100 MPs calling for drastic cuts in on-shore wind farm subsidies.  Chris has also worked to call attention to the problems created by wind farms for local residents including noise, visual intrusion and their effect on wildlife.  He is working with a number of local communities, helping them to fight both wind-farm proposals and giving


Chris is the founder and former chairman of EU Sports Platform, which provided a voice for dozens of national and international sports governing bodies and individual teams and clubs in Brussels.  Chris is well known within football locally, nationally and internationally and it was his behind the scenes negotiations and common sense solution of allowing England players to wear poppies on their armbands that solved “Poppygate” in November 2011.  He has also served as Vice-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Football and has spoken on racism in football and assa