Crime Levels

Crime has a large impact on a national level for the UK, yet also on a local level for Daventry and its surrounding areas. I have always had a deep concern in relation to the prevalence of crime and its devastating effect.

Crime was in the top 3 highest concerns on a local level with 68% of respondents expressing that this is a problem. We can also see it is a concern on a national level as it follows the same pattern within the top 3 concerns with 65% of respondents seeing it as a widescale issue.

Reoccurring comments regarding crime at a local level involved the perceived increase of burglaries, causing distress for elderly members of the Daventry constituency. Furthermore, another key problem identified is an apparent disconnect between the police and those within the community as there is a lack of visibility or access to the local police force, reducing feelings of security.

Regarding the latter, officers have pledged to hold public consultations in order for constituents to directly voice their concerns to police and facilitate better dialogue between the public and police directly.

In 2017 Northamptonshire Police introduced a new Managed Appointments Unit to improve the service they give to people reporting incidents that do not need an immediate response. This dedicated team of officers will provide appointments at police or community locations, meaning people can be seen more quickly at a pre-arranged time, allowing response officers and neighbourhood teams to remain visible and active on the front line.

Further action is being taken as more than 200 new officers will be recruited by Northamptonshire Police over the next two years, increasing the Force establishment from 1227 officers to 1310.

Regarding burglary £3 million has been allocated towards ‘Operation Crooked’ which has been introduced to Northamptonshire, guaranteeing a visit from a police officer to every burglary victim. The operation also puts pressure on the force to share crime prevention advice as statistics show that 25% of burglaries happen via unlocked doors/windows. 

The creation of this operation and the creation of a nine officer Force Burglary Team working with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) indicates these concerns are being taken seriously.

Initiatives have been taken for a joined-up approach between me and Stephen Mold, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner through communicating and meeting with one another to urge an awareness for the seriousness of these crimes and the prevention/support needed for those that suffer at the hands of crime.

For more information on crime both locally and more specifically nationally, take a look at my policy letter below...



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