Schools COVID-19

Thank you for contacting me about school closures as a result of Coronavirus.  

The Government put in place strict social distancing, including the closure of schools for everyone except vulnerable children and the children of critical workers, to slow the spread of the virus so the NHS would not be overwhelmed and lives could be saved. And thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of the British people, and despite a tragic loss of life, the UK has slowed the spread of coronavirus. 

Our health system was not overwhelmed – with spare beds, ventilators, and hospital capacity at all times. The Government has now set out a roadmap for recovery – focusing on not just saving lives, but also livelihoods. However, it is absolutely vital that as we do so, we avoid the risk of a second peak that overwhelms the NHS. And importantly we do not waste the huge sacrifices the British people have made in lockdown to get the virus under control. 


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