Open Letter to Constituents Regarding Police Funding

I have recently received a lot of correspondence from constituents regarding the future of police services in and around Daventry. I understand that villages such as Brixworth have been hit with a spate of crime, notably burglaries. This is of great concern to me as much as it is to you, as I live just down the road from Brixworth in Pitsford which feels the effects of rural crime too. 

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Update on Crime in Brixworth

As many of you will be aware, recently there has been an increasing concern with crime in Brixworth. I have previously written an open letter on this which you can find below. I have also previously assured that I will continue to update constituents on this matter.

Crime in Spratton

I am aware and deeply concerned by the recent spike in crime around the Spratton area. I have also recently been dealing with a similar situation in the village of Brixworth.