Speeches in Parliament

Station Access

Today, I spoke in response to Fleur Anderson MP, Member of Parliament for Putney, who delivered a speech on the importance of improving accessibility to rail travel, and transport in general. 

A Big Week for UK Rail

This morning, I, along with the rest of the ministerial team at the Department for Transport, took questions from the House about the new rail policies.

Questions at the Despatch Box

This week, I took questions from members of the House about various issues under my brief as Minister of State for Transport.

Delegated Legislation Committee - Operation Brock

On Tuesday October 18th, I spoke to the Delegated Legislation Committee to consider the draft Heavy Commercial Vehicles in Kent (No. 1) Order 2019. Above is a short clip of my statements. 

Westminster Hall Debate relating to Leaving the EU

On the 4th February 2019, I responded on behalf of the Government to a Westminster Hall debate on 'E-petition 224908 relating to leaving the European Union'. Here a sample of the proceedings...

Exiting the European Union Committee

On the 9th January 2019, I stood before the Exiting the European Union Committee, where I was questioned for over two hours on the progress of the UK’s negotiations with the European Union. This due to my role as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

Response on whether we should "rescind Article 50"

On the 10 September I responded on behalf of the Government to an e-petition debate discussing whether we should "rescind Article 50 if Vote Leave has broken Electoral Laws regarding the 2016 referendum".

First Time At The Despatch Box

The 18 July was my first time at the despatch box answering oral questions on our future relationship with the European Union in my capacity as the Parliamentary Under Secretary at the Department of Exiting the European Union. 

Delivering a message from the Queen to the House!

Returning from the summer recess it was my job, as Vice-Chamberlain of the Household, to formally provide the House with an answer from Her Majesty in reply to a response addressing this House. It is only a minute long, take a look at the video below!