Northamptonshire Police's New Service Delivery Model

Stephen Mold, the Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner, announced in his 2017/18 budget that he will provide Northamptonshire Police with the funding to add 46 new frontline roles, following feedback from residents of the county. This is part of a £2million investment into the frontline to help the Force fight emerging crime types, such as crime online, and to aid prevention through early intervention work.

The Force have been finalising their new Service Delivery Model (SDM), which will be their blueprint for achieving Mr Mold's strategic aims and the priorities of residents across the county in delivering a safer Northamptonshire. I am pleased to be able to support this through the allocation of additional resources.

The new Service Delivery Model will mean there will be a continued commitment to locally identified officers and PCSOs with a stronger focus on community engagement, localised problem solving, partnership working and visibility. Police Community Support Officers will also undertake enhanced responsibilities in relation to neighbourhood issue.

I will soon be meeting with the Chief Constable to set out what this will mean for the constituency and how we can work to deliver a safer Northamptonshire. I look forward to seeing how the future of Policing in Daventry will look.