New Stations Fund

I am delighted to announce that the Government has recently launched the third round of the ‘New Stations Fund’, a £20 million investment into the re-opening of closed stations, and the creation of new ones. As Rail Minister, this funding boost reflects my work to ensure that our transport system is strengthened and developed by the current Government.  

This is a fundamental step in the Government’s commitment to improve the UK’s existing rail network, providing vital links between communities and increasing connectivity across the nation. Previous rounds of the fund have seen new stations opened in Wales, Derbyshire, Exeter, Warrington and Warwickshire, with further planned openings at Hordon Peterlee, Reading and Bristol. 

Overall investment of £500 million into our rail networks will provide an impetus for economic growth in towns, cities and regions which have suffered station closures as a result of the Beeching cuts, and provide the residents of such with new opportunities to thrive. 

I hope that you, like me, find this announcement and the benefits it will bring to be extremely welcome news, indicative of this Government’s pledge to level-up our transport network by reconnecting communities, improving commute times and bolstering job opportunities. Timely and reliable rail service is a cornerstone of our policy, and I am pleased to introduce this round of the New Stations Fund as a pivotal step in the right direction.


(Pictured: Launching third round of the NSF at Ilkeston Station).