Nearly £1million Extra Funding for Northamptonshire to Tackle Homelessness

I welcome the the Government’s announcement of £263 million allocated to local authorities across the country – providing vital funding to give them more control and flexibility in managing homelessness pressures and supporting those who are at risk of homelessness. This is an increase in overall funding for homelessness of £23 million on the previous financial year.

Northamptonshire will receive just shy of a total of £1million of this fund. Northampton authorities are set to receive a total of £903, 066, while Daventry District Council is set to receive a total of £84,206 as part of this funding to provide rough sleepers with the specialist support they need to get off the streets for good and enable local authorities to do more to prevent and relieve homelessness.

This funding ensures local authorities are resourced to act to prevent homelessness from occurring and implement the Homelessness Reduction Act. This funding is provided upfront and can be used flexibly as part of councils’ resourcing to achieve their homelessness strategies.