National Offer Day for Reception and Year 3 Junior Schools

As you may be aware it was National Offer Day for parents/carers who have applied for a place to start in Reception at Infant and Primary schools and in Year 3 at Junior Schools in Northamptonshire in September 2019. 

A letter was posted to parents/carers who made a paper application giving the outcome of their applications together with documents to assist them with where to appeal/waiting lists.

All late applications (i.e. those applications received after the closing date of 5 p.m. on 15 January 2019) will be considered from the first reallocation day, the 20th May 2019. They keep all late applications until this date in order to be as fair as possible to all those who applied on time. Some parents/carers, who applied after the closing date, may assume that they will receive an offer on 16 April, but this is not the case; they will have to wait until after the completion of the first reallocation round which begins on 20 May 2019.

Please be aware that, although places are available at some schools now, reallocations will be processed during the next few months and the situation regarding place availability will change.  Three further rounds of reallocations will start in the weeks beginning: 20th  May, 17th June and 1st July 2019.

The key points for the September 2019 Reception and Junior (Year 3) admissions rounds are:

  • 8865 on time applications received, a slight increase on last year (8798 in 2018)
  • 93.2% of applicants received their 1st preference – an increase in the number getting their 1st preference (92.7% in 2018);
  • 5.4% of applicants have been allocated their 2nd or 3rd preference ( 5.8% in 2018);
  • 98.6% of applicants have been allocated one of their preferred schools (98.5% in 2018);
  • 97.9% of applications were made online (97.5 % in 2018)

 Further information can be found here: