Community Access to Cash Pilots Scheme

I have recently been made aware of a new initiative which I am eager to share with my constituents, and which I believe could be extremely beneficial to residents throughout the Daventry area. 

These days, we live in an increasingly cashless society – which simply does not suit everyone. Cash was used in just 28% of UK transactions last year (compared to 60% a decade ago). This trend can have considerable and unfortunate effects on those of us who rely on cash transactions, and thus require access to cash.  Independent reports have indicated that 17% of the UK population will find it difficult to adapt to cashless systems, and the increasing popularity of digital payment methods fails to accommodate those who struggle with the required technology, or prefer to use cash.

This is where the ‘Community Access to Cash Pilots’ (CACP) initiative may come in useful. CACP is committed to retaining cash access in communities which require it. The initiative is independently chaired, and funded by the banking and finance industry. Proposed measures include helping local businesses to offer cashback, and providing residents with support in the use of digital payments, as well as the installation of ATMs. 

CACP is looking to work with a small number of communities across the country, in order to see them benefit from the initiative’s proposed measures. Applications to CACP may be received by potential pilot communities until 1 May 2020. Details about the scheme, and the application process, can be found by following this website link: