'Why I'm Voting For Chris'

Having been MP for 'Daventry' between 2010 and 2019, Chris has been working hard to improve conditions for businesses, protect local services, promote local charitable causes and improve the lives of all constituents. 

At this crucial time in UK politics as the election approaches, it's important to remember the work that MPs can do on a local level to support communities. 

Here's what a few of the good people of 'Daventry' have to say about what they think Chris has done for them and why he'll continue to receive their support.

From left to right: 

Protecting Our Rural Economy

Chris' understanding of agriculture is a huge benefit to our region. He's been extremely helpful promoting rural, commercial and economic interests like ours in Westminster.

Charles Jackson
Charles Jackson & Co Ltd Cereal Products, East Haddon


Assisting Local Good Causes

Chris has given amazing help & support in a tough time for us. He's been helpful and influential in securing our future and his support for our long-term aims has been a godsend.

Rob Juson
Local Charity, Daventry


Local Case Changes National Law

Chris has been instrumental in helping my business survive against a tidal wave of VAT evasion. Thanks to him, the Government created new laws to combat evasion and brought in excess of £500m extra VA revenue for the UK. All from meeting I had with Chris in December 2015 when he promised to be 'on board'.

Julius Oliveti

Supporting the Arts Locally

Chris has always actively supported our art events here, including those with Schools & Colleges. In these difficult times for private enterprise business we value Chris as a supporter and friend of the gallery.

Sue Brooks
J Gallery, Moulton


Building Better Mental Health Services

I wanted to personally praise Chris for his work campaigning on mental health issues. He's worked to network groups together in Daventry, helped and supported a number of individuals and taken personal interest in their issues. Hes a hands on MP who works hard for the community he serves. 

Mary Doyle
Head of Services Manager for a Charity, Daventry


Helping Constituents

Chris is the epitome of politicians who truly care about their constituents - something rare in the world today. I wrote to him as a last resort. To my amazement he replied within hours & my uniquely complicated issue was resolved in weeks.

Claire Simpson
Long Buckby


I'm Backing Boris to Get Brexit Done

The last parliament created a Brexit mess. I'm voting for Chris who'll back Boris' new deal so we can finally leave the EU and the country can move on. 

Maori Mackenzie
Earls Barton