Support for Charities

On April 8th, the Chancellor announced a support package of £750 million for charities in the UK. The charitable sector is at the heart of the fight against coronavirus, and it's important to protect our charities as far as we can in these unprecedented circumstances.

The support package can be broken down into:

  • £360 million directly allocated to those charities providing key services during the crisis - including up to £200 million for hospices, and support for St Johns Ambulance, victims charities, vulnerable children charities, and Citizens Advice.
  • £370 million for small and medium sized charities, to support organisations which help and support local communities by delivering food and essential medicines - including a grant to the National Lottery Community Fund.

In addition to this package, the Government has pledged a minimum of £20 million in contribution to the National Emergencies Trust appeal.

If you work in the charitable sector and wish to find out more about what you can do to help the effort against coronavirus, general information, and available funding, including business relief measures that you may be eligible for, you can do so here.

A joint letter from the Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport about the financial assistance being offered to the charitable sector is available in PDF format at the bottom of this page.



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