UK Parliament Week 2018

This year marks 100 years since women gained the right to vote, and I would like to encourage everyone across Northamptonshire to take part in UK Parliament Week and play a part in our thriving democracy.

Flu Vaccination

Flu season is coming and the NHS flu vaccination campaign has begun. The NHS are encouraging those who are eligible for the free NHS jab to be vaccinated.

Winter Funding for Adult Social Care Services

On October 2nd the Department of Health and Social Care announced that £240m of additional funding would be provided for councils to spend on adult social care services to help ease pressures on the NHS this winter. Of this, £2,717,108 has been allocated for Northamptonshire.

Recycling of Walkers Crisps

I firmly believe in protecting both the UK's vibrant ecosystem and the natural environment worldwide. Environmental and economic progress are not just compatible: they depend on each other.

What is the future of money?

The Bank of England is looking for students from secondary schools and colleges from Daventry to take part in the blogging competition run in conjunction with the Financial Times. 

The topic is ‘What is the future of money?’

Bank of England's school competition

The Bank of England is looking for secondary schools and colleges from Daventry to take part in a digital media competition called Bank, Camera, Action.

The future of local government in Northamptonshire

Recently, I wrote to all Parish Councils asking them for their thoughts on what they see as their worries and potential opportunities for delivery of services going forward - and indeed asking them for any views they had at all.

WW1 Armistice Festival

The Armistice Festival is coming to Rugby and Daventry this November 2018 to commemorate 100 years since WW1. It has been put together by Fiona Sharp, co-director of The Wheels on Debussy.

Read the press release on the attached PDF...