Northamptonshire Police and Fire Services Making Positive Strides

I recently received a letter from Stephen Mold, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) for Northamptonshire about the current crime standings in the county. Here's some examples of the great work being done by our public services to keep us all safe: 

London Northwestern Railway

Many of you will be aware of the recent problems with London Northwestern Railway (LNW) . As a user of this service myself I know only too well the frustrations of a delays and cancellations. As a commuter there is nothing more annoying!

Northampton General Hospital CQC Report

Frontline staff at NGH have been praised by the Care Quality Commission for the kindness and compassion shown to vulnerable people, the good care they provide to patients and the high quality interactions between patients and staff.

Unitary Councils Tabled in Parliament

Many of you will be aware of the two new unitary councils which will be replacing a handful of existing councils and bringing them under one roof.

Update on New Broadband Rollout

Since 2010, the Government has delivered a series of initiatives that has seen superfast[1] broadband availability rise from 50% to 96% of UK premises.  Due to increased coverage and take-up, average broadband speeds for UK consumers have increased from 5.2Mbit/s in 2010 to 54.2Mbit/s in 2018.  A

Refuge Domestic Abuse Helpline

I am getting in touch to share some exciting news. As of today, Refuge is running the Freephone 24-Hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline as sole provider.

Environment Agency Waters Consultation

The Environment Agency is launching a consultation on 24th October seeking views on the challenges our waters face and the choices we all need to make to improve and protect this precious resource.  

Future Free Trade Agreements

Last month, The Prime Minister negotiated an excellent Withdrawal Agreement which will allow us to leave the EU. Once this deal is put into action and we’ve left the Single Market and Customs Union, we will be able to strike new trade deals with countries all around the world.