NatWest's Coronavirus Response

An overview of NatWest's response to coronavirus can be found below.


For personal customers NatWest are:

Airbnb's Coronavirus Response

Airbnb have joined the list of companies contacting me to explain the measures they are taking with regard to the coronavirus crisis. 


Sainsbury's Coronavirus Measures

Sainsbury's have joined other supermarkets in sharing the measures they are taking during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Social Distancing

Asda's Coronavirus Measures

I have recently been in touch with Asda to find out what measures they are implementing during the coronavirus outbreak, to help customers who are having difficulty getting to the shops or accessing online deliveries. 

Tesco: Coronavirus Safety Measures

A lot of my constituents have recently been in touch to express their concerns about local supermarkets such as Tesco during the coronavirus outbreak - online orders, food supplies, shopping practices and hygiene are all issues that have been raised.

Orbit Group: Coronavirus Information for Customers

I have recently been in contact with Orbit Group, who have updated me on the steps they are currently taking to protect their teams and customers from the effects of coronavirus.

Maintenance and Evictions

Cummins Employees: Coronavirus Advice

Many local residents who are employees of Cummins have contacted me to ask whether or not they should go to work during the coronavirus outbreak.

Rail Timetable Changes

The government has announced that train operators will begin running revised timetables from next week. Staff availability across the railway industry has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak (as well as customer demand) making timetable changes necessary.

Station Access

Today, I spoke in response to Fleur Anderson MP, Member of Parliament for Putney, who delivered a speech on the importance of improving accessibility to rail travel, and transport in general.