Chris Heaton-Harris MP Attends Local OMBBH Planning Meeting

Chris Heaton-Harris MP attended the local meeting of the Development Implementation Group charged with looking at developments of 25 new homes or more in the parishes of Overstone, Moulton, Church Brampton, Chapel Brampton and Harlestone.

Chris Heaton-Harris MP Stagecoach Ribbon Cutting

Chris Heaton-Harris MP cut the ribbon on a major investment in brand new low-emissions buses for main routes between Daventry, its surrounding neighbourhoods and Northampton.

Chris Heaton-Harris MP Questions Health Spending Levels in Daventry

Chris Heaton-Harris MP was recently asked about whether the level of health spending on my constituents will be increasing or decreasing going forward. The facts show that spending on the health services Chris' constituents receive will increase at a level above the current forecasts for inflation. Meanwhile, where Labour controls the Health Service (in Wales), there are cuts in funding.