Introduction of the ‘Breathing Space’ to Relieve Those in Debt

The Government are delivering on the commitment to introduce a new ‘Breathing Space’ for people struggling with problem debt, giving them the time and support they need to get their finances under control and get away from the stress debt can cause.

National Thank a Teacher Day

Today is Thank a Teacher Day, and I would like to pay tribute to teachers across Daventry, whose hard work means that more children are gaining the education they need to get on in life.   

Changes to Blue Badges

Last week, I received a letter from the Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling Secretary of State at the Department for Transport regarding the changes to eligibility criteria and a review of enforcement. I welcome these changes and I hope it helps to improve disabled peoples lives.

Potential Broadband Upgrade in Moulton

High speed broadband has been a service that has only been available to a small proportion of rural communities. Gigaclear are a firm that specialises in bringing this service to rural areas and so far, with local government funding, a few households in Mouton have been able to benefit.

Net Zero: Ending the UK’s Contribution to Global Warming

For many years now, the UK has been a world leader in reducing carbon emissions and tackling climate change, faster than any other country in the G20. Over half of the UK’s energy are from low carbon sources, with clean energy making up 37% of our total energy budget.

Why I'm supporting Andrea Leadsom

With the future of Brexit hanging in the balance and, with 10 of my colleagues jostle for position to become the next leader of our great Conservative Party and therefore Prime Minister, it is absolutely vital that, as MPs and then as party members, we make the right choice.

Positive Employment Figures

Encouraging new and independent employment figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) have illustrated that despite some Brexit uncertainty, the economy remains stable and robust, in terms of employment and wage growth.

Citizens Advice Service

Anyone who applies for Universal Credit (UC) knows how complicated filling in the appropriate forms can be; however, I am happy to announce that constituents can seek help with such forms with Help to Claim with Citizens Advice, Daventry.

Update on Moulton College

As many of you may be aware, Moulton College has been going through a troublesome period over recent months. This situation has worried me, and so I have been in constant contact with the Department for Education, This week I received an update from the Rt.