Transport Network Funding Boost

As Minister of State for Transport, I am delighted that the Government has announced a £1.7 billion investment in our roads and railways, to lay the foundations for economic recovery and improve our national infrastructure.

The funding package represents a commitment to improve roads and motorways, repair bridges and fill in millions of potholes. The work will be carried out whilst fewer passengers are using roads, railways and bridges, and includes a commitment to providing more charging points for electric vehicles across the country, to make sure that we continue improving our carbon footprint and working to protect the environment.

At the moment, it’s important to avoid public transport if at all possible, and this Government wants to make it as easy as possible for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers to get to and from work quickly and safely. This funding boost is an important step towards economic recovery, and will ensure that our country becomes better connected by an upgraded and streamlined transport network.

You can read more about the funding announcement on the Government website here: