Trade Opportunities for British Businesses

It’s been nearly a week since we left the EU, and already the Prime Minister has set out a new global vision of the UK’s position in the world.

Boris stated earlier this week that it is now upon us to go ‘out into the world’, as we set our own tariffs and make our own trade deals separate from EU control.

International trade, however, is not just for large corporations. Businesses here in ‘Daventry’ produce high quality goods and services, and have great potential to do even more in the new era of Britain in the modern world.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has been in touch with me to ask me to offer their support to you. Outward looking businesses can make the most of DIT’s regional advisors to boost their opportunities and expand their outreach.

Ambitious businesses in the constituency should contact the relevant individuals below


Local support for businesses in West Midlands

Trade office


Additionally, The Rt Hon Liz Truss MP, Secretary of State for International Trade, has today opened up a consultation on the UK's Global Tariff policy.

Now that UK has left the EU, the Government is free to make its mark as a champion of free trade, safeguard against the forces of protectionism on the rise across the world, and crucially ensure that our tariff strategy is best for businesses and consumers across the UK.

As part of our new approach, the Government is developing a new UK Most Favoured Nation (MFN) tariff schedule which will enter into force on 1st January 2021.

This bespoke regime, known as the UK Global Tariff, will ensure UK businesses compete on fair terms with the rest of the world whilst benefitting households through greater choice and lower prices. Ultimately, this will also help to make it easier to trade, drive up investment, and deliver more quality jobs across the UK.

Contribute to the consultation here: