Temporary Closures of Kilsby and Walgrave Post Offices

I have recently received updates surrounding the temporary closures of Kilsby and Walgrave Post Offices.

The closures were sadly due to the resignations of the Postmasters in each Post Office, subsequently withdrawing the premises for use. Since the closures, the Post Office have been exploring options to restore the services to customers in the areas. When working to restore a service, the Post Office seek to provide one tailored to local circumstances, reflecting actual customer demand locally.

In Kilsby, the Post Office are planning on introducing an outreach service. Outreach services are an innovative way to provide customers with access to Post Office products and services in communities where a traditional Post Office is not viable or practical. For the majority of outreach services, an established Postmaster will travel to, or oversee service at, a nearby community to provide a local Post Office service in addition to running their own Post Office, enabling Post Office Limited to maintain a service in smaller communities. Unfortunately, there are currently no suitable premises in Kilsby from which a Post Office Outreach service can be operated.

In Walgrave, the Post Office are planning to introduce a Post Office local service. This is a new concept for delivering Post Office services from the premises of an established retail outlet which is currently successfully operating in many other locations across the UK. This new model is part of a three year investment and support programme, the largest in the history of the Post Office creating a more modern convenient retail experience for our customers in newly refurbished premises. The vacancy in Walgrave has been advertised on the Post Office's website along with posters displayed locally. Unfortunately the Post Office have not yet received any formal applications for the position.

The Post Office have apologised for the time it is taking to restore services locally, and have encouraged customers to continue using other branches in the areas during this time. Please be assured that I am doing everything I can to ensure that the services in both Kilsby and Walgrave are restored as soon as possible. I will of course add any updates on future developments as they occur.