Small Charities Challenge Fund

I have recently received a letter from the Department for International Development about their new Small Charities Challenge Fund. 

The fund is a fantastic opportunity for small charities in Daventry to achieve funding and propel their cause. Any charities operating in the poorest countries working on providing healthcare and education, who already have an annual income of less than £250,000 are eligible to apply. 

The fund has already committed over £3.5 million to 74 small charities around the world, spanning a diverse range of projects. Working in countries such as Kenya, Bangladesh and Tanzania, helping women with disabilities, reducing the impact of waste globally and aiding carers. The charities are all volunteer run and have benefited hugely from the support of government initiatives such as these. 

A successful grant from this fund would be a fantastic way to get your charity off the ground, and expand its reach even further. I would enthusiastically encourage any charities to apply to this fund if they are eligible - it is a fantastic opportunity to make the work of your charity go as far as possible and help people all over the planet.