"The Rural Oscars " - Countryside Alliance Awards 2020

The Awards, also known as the ‘Rural Oscars’, are THE rural business awards to win, and give a voice and platform to the best of our produce, enterprise, heritage and communities.

The Awards are a national scheme that has seen us honour thousands of businesses, highlighting the efforts of many people for the benefit of their rural communities. The feel good factor these Awards generate cannot be overestimated, and those who have won have told us of the positive impact their recognition has had on everyone they know. Importantly, the Awards have reached millions of people through the media, taking a positive story about the modern countryside, its heritage, produce and enterprise, to urban and rural Britain alike.

Nominated by the public, the Awards recognise and honour those who routinely go the extra mile for their community. Nominations are open from 9 September until 8 December 2019. Winners will be announced in June 2020 at the grand final at the House of Lords.

The 7 categories are:

  • Local Food/Drink - Have they put the community on the map via the quality and diversity of local produce being sold?
  • Village Shop/ Post Office – Are they the cornerstone of the village and breathed life into the community and local economy?
  • Butcher - Is traditional butchery at the heart of the enterprise or have they brought a modern twist to this ancient skill?
  • Rural Enterprise - Is this business a growing asset to its community and making a real contribution?
  • Pub - Would winning this competition reward a really special enterprise and tell a positive story about rural life while championing local food and drink?
  • Game Champion – Is this business innovative and excels in promoting and marketing game to the public, tapping into the growing interest in game meat?
  • Clarissa Dickson Wright Award – this Award centres on her belief in campaigning, educating and prioritising slow food, taste, quality and support for our farmers and producers.

The past 15 years has seen the competition honour thousands of businesses, highlighting the efforts that many rural people go to for the benefit of their communities. The benefits these awards afford cannot be overestimated, and those who have won have been very outspoken about the positive impact their recognition has had on everyone they know as well as bringing a boost to their business.

I very much hope that businesses in 'Daventry' will throw their hat in the ring for this incredible competition. 


Should you have any other queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with Sarah Lee on sarah-lee@countryside-alliance.org, or 020 7840 9250.

You can nominate online at www.countryside-alliance.org/caawards