Rail Timetable Changes

The government has announced that train operators will begin running revised timetables from next week. Staff availability across the railway industry has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak (as well as customer demand) making timetable changes necessary.

For West Midlands Trains, a focus will be maintained on transport for key workers - this means early morning and later evening services will be prioritised. This new timetable is likely to be significantly altered compared to the standard one.

With more railway staff being affected by the impact of the coronavirus, this service revision allows safety critical roles to be performed across the country, even whilst staffing numbers are temporarily reduced. Please rest assured that the new service level will deliver more than enough seats to meet demand, and the timetable will be kept under review to respond to any further developments.

The revised timetables are currently being finalised and will be made available at www.wmr.uk/coronavirus and www.lnr.uk/coronavirus over the weekend.