Net Zero: Ending the UK’s Contribution to Global Warming

For many years now, the UK has been a world leader in reducing carbon emissions and tackling climate change, faster than any other country in the G20. Over half of the UK’s energy are from low carbon sources, with clean energy making up 37% of our total energy budget. The recent youth strikes for climate have illustrated what an important issue our climate emergency is, which is why the government have committed to having net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

This ambitious and long-term target shows once again that the UK is leading the way on the national stage, not satisfied with just reducing emissions, but having none at all. This will ensure that our climate is left in a better state than we inherited it and will provide a more stable and sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. This legislated target will work to phase out coal by 2025 and build upon the £92 billion already invested in cleaner energy sources, as part of the modern industrial strategy. Not only will this promote cleaner and greener economic growth, but will create 2 million high quality jobs in the sector by 2030.