Mental Health Awareness Week

I am encouraging people to come together for Mental Health Awareness Week, to listen to others and to highlight the support that is available to those who need it most. 

The Long-Term Plan for the NHS will grow mental health services faster than the overall NHS budget, improving access to services and enabling more people to receive better support and treatment. 

The Conservative Party is ensuring that mental illness is not a hidden injustice so that everyone can get the care and support they need to be happy and to reach their full potential.  

Since the Conservatives have been in Government, we have been committed to making mental health as much of as a priority as physical health and have increased mental health funding to record levels. But too many people are still not getting the right support on mental health issues, which is why this Government is not resting on its laurels and will continue to invest to provide everyone with the care and support they need. 

The Conservative Party is committed to helping people to access the right support when they need it, and during Mental Health Awareness Week I would urge everyone across Daventry to listen to your friends and family, and to encourage people to seek help when they need it.

The Conservative Government’s support includes: 

· Increasing total mental health spending to reach a record high of £11.86 billion. 

· Investing an additional £2.3 billion a year into mental health services by 2023/24 on top of existing funding commitments as part of our Long-Term Plan for the NHS, enabling faster access to community and crisis mental health services for both adults and giving more than 370,000 adults and older adults with severe mental illnesses greater choice and control over their care. 

· Providing an additional £1.4 billion up to 2020-21 to improve access to mental health services for children and young people, including funding and training for designated mental health support teams in schools. 

· Providing an additional £300 million to deliver the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Green Paper. 

· Encouraging nearly 370 schools to join one of the largest trials in the world to test different approaches to supporting young people’s mental health. 

· Highlighting the trends and issues in young people’s mental well-being for the first time, committing to publishing a ‘State of the Nation’ report every year on World Mental Health Day, highlighting the trends and issues in young people’s mental well-being. 

· Publishing our Online Harms White Paper to protect children’s mental health online. 

· Appointing the UK’s first Minister for Suicide Prevention to lead government efforts to cut the number of suicides and overcome the stigma that stops people seeking help. 

· Funding to help rough sleepers living with mental illness, improving their access to vital healthcare. 

· A £10 million package to increase mental health support for ex-service personnel. 

· Launching the Veterans’ Gateway trial to check our veterans are receiving the care they deserve. 

· Creation of a new student mental health taskforce to help people manage challenges in university.