Gear Change: A Bold Vision for Cycling and Walking

In my role as Minister of State for Transport, I’ve been working hard to deliver this Government’s Plan for Cycling and Walking. This is a key change to the way we travel in the UK, and aims to build upon the increasing number of people choosing to walk or cycle during the coronavirus pandemic, with upcoming investment of £2 billion in green infrastructure and public cycle schemes.

As lockdown eases and many of us continue to avoid public transportation, the benefits of increased cycling and walking are widespread – improved mental and physical health, reduced congestion and better air quality are just a few ways in which the Plan for Cycling and Walking can reduce strain on the NHS and boost the UK’s environmental credentials. In my Ministerial role, I am passionate about encouraging people to travel in safe, sustainable and healthy ways – walking and cycling are wonderful examples of this, and I’m proud to be leading the Department for Transport’s vision for change.

The £2 billion funding package associated with the Plan will be spent on improving walking and cycling infrastructure, issuing Government-funded bike repair vouchers, improving street safety and expanding access to e-bikes. The Plan also includes a pilot scheme which will allow GPs to prescribe bicycles to patients, in order to improve their physical and mental health. The benefits of active travel cannot be understated, and as we continue to protect our NHS following the coronavirus crisis, its important to do all we can to keep ourselves fit and healthy where possible.

Some useful links to more information about the Plan can be found below.

You can read the Department for Transport’s Gear Change policy publication here.

The Prime Minister and Transport Secretary’s comments on the plan are available here.

To apply for a bike repair voucher (worth up to £50), follow this link.