Funding Boost for Daventry Schools

I am absolutely determined that children in 'Daventry' and around the country should receive an excellent education. That is why I welcome the announcement of a £14 billion investment in our schools over the next three years. This is the largest cash boost for schools for children aged 5-16 in a generation, levelling up school funding and giving all young people the same opportunities to succeed - regardless of where they grow up or go to school.

Thanks to this major investment, each secondary school will receive a minimum of £5,000 per pupil next academic year, and each primary school will receive a minimum of £3,750 - rising to £4,000 in 2021-22.

Under the new settlement, total school spending will increase by five per cent next year. I am pleased to say all schools around the country will benefit from the funding boost, through receiving more money for every pupil and a four per cent overall increase to core schools funding.

It is welcome that the biggest percentage increases are going to the most historically underfunded schools.

For the year 2020/21, 'Daventry' schools will receive £59,876,535 of funding. This will mean £5,225 for secondary school pupils and £5,079 for pupils in primary schools.

I know that schooling is a huge concern for a great deal of constituents and I'm excited to see what the new funding boost can do to improve the opportunities of children in education. 

Details about the amount of funding being allocated to individual schools in the constituency can be found in the below document. 



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