Food4Heroes: Feeding our NHS

Food4Heroes is a new charity (co-founded by one of our local constituents) which aims to support the NHS by delivering fresh, healthy and nutritious meals to hospitals, so that staff can stay fully nourished and focus on their work without having to worry about planning and purchasing food during shifts. The charity also provides work opportunities for young people, and keeps chefs and restaurants trading across the UK. 

With 400 registered volunteers, Food4Heroes are looking to expand production and roll out deliveries nationwide. To do so, they are relying on donations, which will cover the £2-per-meal cost of production, and make sure our NHS staff can eat healthily free of charge. Food4Heroes have partnered with the Northamptonshire Community Foundation, who have agreed to match 50% of donations raised. As an indication of the scale of the task they are facing, feeding 1% of our NHS staff for a period of 8 weeks would cost around £1.7 million!
To donate online, or learn more about Food4Heroes and their volunteering opportunities, you can visit their website here. This is a fantastic service which will serve to benefit both businesses and healthcare workers during these difficult times.