Daventry’s National Lottery Funding

Fantastic news for Daventry! In the last three months, £27,935 has been awarded to four community projects in our constituency, this includes:

  • £10,000 awarded to Bugbrooke Community Primary School. This funding will be for gym equipment for school children and the local community, aiming to improve health and wellbeing.
  • £10,000 awarded to Moulton Allotments CIC. This will Improve water and electricity supply to the allotment site. The project also aims to improve the allotment facilities to support the various community activities that take place.
  • £4,620 awarded to Mears Ashby Youth Club. This funding will be used to publicise the youth club and ensure its long term future by training leaders, purchasing new equipment and providing varied activities. The project aims to bring young people together from local communities.
  • £3,315 awarded to Walgrave Community Cinema Club. This funding will be used to replace and purchase equipment for the cinema club, aiming to continue bringing people together and meeting the needs of the community.

This funding was awarded kindly by the National Lottery Fund. I trust this will make these projects a success and further develop the communities in and around Daventry.