Cummins Employees: Coronavirus Advice

Many local residents who are employees of Cummins have contacted me to ask whether or not they should go to work during the coronavirus outbreak.

Advice from Cummins has specified that whilst the majority of employees (all those who can) are working from home, a core critical team are still on site to maintain manufacturing. Cummins have measures in place to protect these staff, including health screening, social distancing measures at work, staggered meal and break times, and are making sure to send anyone home if they are in any doubt about their health. Employees at home are also being supported to make sure they can balance work and caring for children and others.

By providing power to medical facilities and engines to ambulances, fire engines and delivery vehicles, Cummins are carrying out important work during the coronavirus outbreak and they believe it is important to stay open with a skeleton critical staff in place. I'm assured that the wellbeing of employees is a top priority at this time.