Citizens Advice Service

Anyone who applies for Universal Credit (UC) knows how complicated filling in the appropriate forms can be; however, I am happy to announce that constituents can seek help with such forms with Help to Claim with Citizens Advice, Daventry.

This local service is funded by grants from Daventry District and Town Councils, as well as charities and individual donors and is part of a network of the larger Citizens Advice Service, which helps millions of people each year. They provide information, advice and support during the universal credit application process. This information is tailored to an individual’s needs, like helping to gather evidence of housing and childcare costs. Other services include information on employment rights, providing comprehensive debt advice, helping with domestic issues, such as homelessness or repossession and additionally advising individuals on their consumer rights and family issues.

The local service offers drop-ins and appointments, supported by telephone consultations and home visits, when appropriate. Locally, the service is available at Citizens Advice, Daventry, The Abbey, Daventry, NN11 4XG, which is open Monday to Wednesday 10am-3pm.

For more information on, take a look at the Citizens Advice website: