Earls Barton and Wollaston Seconday School

Last month, I published a response from NCC on my website regarding Earls Barton becoming a designated village for Wollaston Secondary School. As I said then, please be assured that I take this matter very seriously and have contacted the Local Authorities (LA) on several occasions.

GREAT Festival of Innovation

I recently received a letter from the Rt Hon. Dr Liam Fox MP regarding an exciting opportunity for companies in my constituency.

My new position as Comptroller of Her Majesty's Household

It is a great honour to be able to publicly announce that following the Prime Minister’s reshuffling of various government and Conservative Party departments, I have been promoted within the Whip’s office to the role of Comptroller of Her Majesty’s Household.

New Post Office opening in Spratton

I have recently been informed of the fantastic news that a new Post Office will be opening in Spratton.

The service will be a normal local style branch, opening at 13:00 on Tuesday 6th February at Spratton Village Stores, 2 Brixworth Road, Spratton, Northampton, NN6 8HH.

Government response to winter pressures

In light of the pressures the NHS has come under this winter I thought it necessary to share with my constituents how the government has and will continue to support our local hospitals, as well as congratulating the staff on their commitment and outstanding performance in such tough times.

Energising Communities Fund

I am delighted to announce that E.ON has reopened its Energising Communities Fund which provides full or partial cover of the energy costs facing groups and charities in our local community.

Winter funding boost for local hospitals

The Government has today announced a multi-million pound investment in hospitals this Winter. Northampton General Hospital and Kettering General Hospital will receive an allocation of over £2.5 million each to help cope with the Winter pressures.