EU Reform- The Competitiveness Agenda

The final part of the renegotiation being concluded in Brussels is based around the "Competitiveness Agenda", an area where there should be wholehearted agreement; after all, surely no EU country should want to become less competitive. However, tangled up in this agenda are "trade agreements".

EU Reform- EU Migrants' Access to Benefits

One of the biggest difficulties the Prime Minister has faced is getting any agreement on restricting EU Migrant's Access to benefits, especially in work benefits. Below is a short brief on these issues:

EU Reform- Removing "Ever Closer Union"

This is genuinely a tough call.

As someone who spent ten years as a Member of the European Parliament, I know that whilst the words "Ever Closer Union" rarely appear in European Court judgements, what they signify does form a big part of the DNA of European Commission officials. These three words, along with "in the spirit of the Treaties", are the default mindset of people drafting EU directives and regulations and so, as far as I am concerned, removing them (if this is possible) from the EU Treaties would be a good thing. Whether, though, the removal of these words would actually change the mindset is a completely different matter.

EU Reform - "Red Card" System

EU Reform- So how might a "red card" work?Since my election to Parliament in 2010, I've been Chairman of the European Research Group - a small group of like-minded MPs looking at how a reformed European Union might work. We all club together and commission high quality research, like the piece below on how a "red card" might work.
Given the ongoing debate about these matters, I thought it would be useful to share some of this research.

World Prematurity Day Debate

Following the Westminster Hall debate on World Prematurity Day on 24th November, I recently received a letter from Ben Gummer MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Care Quality, outlining several points including the recent Bliss Report, Bereavement Care, and Funding for Neonatal Care.

Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP Writes to the BMA

The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health, recently wrote to Dr. Johann Malawana, Chair of the Junior Doctors' Committee at the British Medical Association (BMA) concerning the recent debate surrounding junior doctors' contracts. 

Disabled Access for Football Club Supporters

Level Playing Field

I know that many people who read my blog are also avid football fans and enjoy going to watch games when they can. However there are a group of fans who don't get the opportunity to go to games as regularly as they would like and quite often are not treated as well as they could or should be when they do - they are the disabled fans.

Transport for 16-19 Year Old Students in Daventry

I regularly get written to about this issue and I thought it might be worth posting the very useful answer I received from the Department for Education on this subject detailing the bursary fund that students can apply to for help with their transport to school or college.

Chris Heaton-Harris MP Investigates Pensioner Allowances

Recently I've received a number of round-robin e-mails claiming to prove that the State give illegal immigrants and asylum seekers more money than it gives to pensioners. As I have done previously, I wrote to the Minister concerned and below are the facts, detailing who can receive what and proving that this claim is completely incorrect.