Brand New Rehabilitation Centre in Daventry

This week, work begun to build the new rehabilitation centre on the site of Daventry Sports Club.

The project is being run by Reach for Health, a Daventry-based charity working to rehabilitate sufferers of long-term or serious health conditions by offering therapeutic exercises. Daventry District Council are providing funding to the tune of £1.48 million to make it happen.

The current centre in High March industrial estate currently hosts about 2,400 visits a month. However, these premises are proving expensive to maintain and are limited for space.

The new centre will be twice the size, offering a handful of new, state of the art facilities.

This is fantastic news for Daventry residents, and I am really looking forward to seeing the good that the new centre can achieve for people’s lives once completed in the summer.

To learn more about the project and what it will mean for Daventry, follow this link:

To learn more about the fantastic work being done by Reach for Health across Daventry, you can visit their website here: