Bank of England's school competition

The Bank of England is looking for secondary schools and colleges from Daventry to take part in a digital media competition called Bank, Camera, Action.

Students aged 11-18 are invited to submit a short film on topics which will change from year to year. This year’s title is ‘What will money be like in the future’.  

Most of us use money on a daily basis, whether it’s to buy things, get paid, or transfer money to a friend. Through the ages, money has taken various forms – from bartering goods, through gold and silver coins to the banknotes that we use today. Money does not just mean cash. There are over £600bn electronic payments made in the UK every single day. But what will money be like in the future?  

Schools are given the opportunity to create a film that communicates the subject in an interesting and imaginative way. Taking part will give teams the chance to showcase their talents and will appeal to students studying a broad range of subjects. 

Students are free to use dance, music, poetry, rap, animation, graphics, cartoons, interviews, news items or any other fantastic ideas. It's completely up to you, the more creative the better!

Expensive technology is not required to enter. Films can be submitted from a phone, tablet or camera and should be between 1 and 3 minutes. There will be prizes for both schools and individual team members. The winning films will be made available on the Bank's website and shared through their social media channels.  

The Bank received over 130 entries in last year’s competition – ‘What independence means to me’. You can see the winning films on their website – bankcameraaction

For this year’s competition, schools must register for the competition by 8 October. The closing date for film entries is 10 December.