Archived Campaigns

Wind Publications

I am sponsoring the Independent Noise Working Group (INWG) to produce a Wind Turbine Amplitude Modulation (AM) & Planning Control Study. The aim of the Study is to protect communities and wind turbine neighbours from wind turbine noise amplitude modulation.

My Private Member's Bill

As some of you will know, just after the election, I entered a type of parliamentary lottery. I put my name down, along with 400 other MPs, for a chance to be one of twenty randomly selected to get a ‘Private Members' Bill’ (PMB).


An open letter to constituents concerning the outcome of the EU Referendum: "The EU Referendum undeniably divided public opinion, with feelings on both sides of the argument running high. However, the majority of people acknowledge that the public gave their opinion in a free and fair referendum and that the outcome should be upheld. Theresa May has been clear that “Brexit means Brexit”, and there is no doubt that we are going to make a success of it. There must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to re-join it through the back door and no second referendum. Given both the high turnout of the referendum and our 2015 election manifesto to “respect the outcome” of it, in my mind the Government has a crystal clear mandate to implement the result of the referendum and reflect the will of the British people.